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6065 W. Commercial Blvd. Tamarac, FL 33319


Pompano Beach veterinarian

Are you looking for a Pompano Beach veterinarian? Then you hit the right place.  Known as an ultimate Pompano Beach veterinarian we provide exceptional medical care for your beloved cats and dogs. While integration of both regular and alternative medicine approaches help our veterinarians near Pompano Beach to ensure holistic perspective of the animal health.  

If you live in Pompano Beach or near Tamarac call our veterinarians for an appointment today (954)722-21-00.  

We're not here just for the times when your pet gets sick...

Pompano Beach veterinarianSince aging process occurs in cats and dogs sooner compared to people, changes in pets' health conditions happen rapidly. Just like human, pets when leading healthy lifestyle and focusing on mind and body balance through wellness and prevention can actually lower the chances of acquiring diseases and extend longevity of their life. Focus on wellness and preventive therapies which help to mitigate illnesses and disorders of your cats, dogs, and other pets by detecting diseases at the earliest stage, when they are easier to treat. At Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac, Broward county we partner with you to provide such holistic approach to the health care of your pet with the help of variety wellness and prevention methods.

Our clinic pet Wellness Plans are back

By high demand our wellness plans are back now. Our veterinarians near Pompano Beach are now happy to offer improved and better wellness plans to ensure your pet’s health offering free wellness exams, vaccines and more to the Wellness Plans members. Sign up now to save 10-40%* today, or explore your wellness options and learn more

Did you know the first step to prevent your pet's illness is to schedule a visit to your vet for a wellness exam?

We believe that an ultimate goal and duty of the veterinary medicine is to keep your pets healthy and fit, while treating the illness should come as a secondary need. However, it is not possible without pet owner's aid. Bringing your pet for a regular comprehensive wellness exam to the vet is easiest and least expensive way to keep your cats, dogs, and other pets healthy.  According to AVMA (American Animal Hospital Association) every pet should have a comprehensive medical exam at least once a year.

While, we have standardized wellness plans which offer only services pets need at the definite stage of their life, we are also happy to work with you to develop a customized plan to suit unique needs of your pet. To talk to our vets today please call (954) 722-2100.

Our new tool Pet Wellness Report

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Because "Prevention is the Best Cure"

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